All about us. And by “us” I, of course, mean “me.”

Jeff Jaxon

Jeff Jaxon, Owner/Lead Artist

I was born in Chico, California and was raised by Saturday morning cartoons, Legos, Star Wars, and Atari. I studied studio art at CSU, Chico from 1986-94 and worked a lot of student jobs, mostly computer or graphic design related. Then, the internet happened and good tech jobs opened up at CSU, Chico.  I managed technical teams and did a lot of tech support and office work while I raised a family with my wife. As she worked on a master’s and then PhD, I worked on art as a hobby and picked up the occasional commission by word of mouth. It’s amazing how much you can’t get done at nights and on weekends only. Now the kids are grown, my wife is tenure-track faculty at CSU, Chico, and I’ve made this my career.

I started Rusty Vine Studio so I can make stuff I think is awesome. I hope you dig it too.