“Ringer” Farmpunk End Table

“Ringer” Farmpunk End Table

“Ringer” Farmpunk End Table

FOR SALE – $185
This table’s not a “Ringer” because it’s an imposter, it’s a one of kind. A one of a kind with a secret. A secret bell that is. If you know right where to click you get a very satisfying typewriter ring of days gone by. But that’s not why you need this table. You need it to hold stuff. Stuff that fit’s on it’s 17.5″x17.5″ top. Stuff you want to have exactly 22″ away from the nearest floor. Cool stuff. Your stuff.


Why 17.5″? That’s one more piece of this gorgeous reclaimed lumber than our standard 15″ table. Just a little roomier for a larger plant or picture. It still fits great by the sofa or between some conversation chairs. The reclaimed steel legs were salvaged from a junkyard, reworked and finished with a black satin oil finish that catches the light just right to show the super pitted gnarly age of the steel. It looks like the kind of hand oiled cast iron of old farm machinery that all of our “Farmpunk” pieces include.

If you see another table just like this one IT’S the ringer. Shoot it! SHOOT IT NOW!

Buying it

To purchase this piece, you can contact us in any of the ways listed on our contacts page that suits you. This is a one of a kind item so we can only take the first order. If you want to sneak in there first, you can use the convenient button above to claim this piece NOW using a credit card or PayPal. All transactions are processed securely via PayPal. If you need the item shipped, let’s discuss the options. We can invoice you separately for that once we know the cost.

Getting it

You are welcome to come pick up at the studio, we can deliver, or we can crate and ship. We’ll deliver probably for free in the greater Chico/Northern California area or further for a small fee. We can also crate and ship anywhere in the U.S. (you pay shipping costs).