“Ironside” Tall Farmpunk Display Table

“Ironside” Tall Farmpunk Small Table

SOLD – $200

Here’s a tall tale …er… table. It’s 31″ tall actually, with a top that’s 14″x15″. It’s a perfect end table height, well… if you put your couch up on cinderblocks so your feet can’t touch the ground and you can swing them like a little kid or if you just stacked your new couch on top of your old couch. OK, so maybe it’s not the perfect end table height. But it IS the perfect table height to display that awesome something. Maybe it’s a Vase or a bowl or your original new-in-th-box Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle. The point is, it’s just the right height and just the right size to fit in that boring empty spot in the room that makes it look like you still haven’t unpacked from the move. But besides that, this table looks totally badass doing it.

Maybe it’s the top, made from heavily distressed reclaimed 2×2’s. They had a hard life as part of agricultural field boxes and it shows. But now they’ve been arranged to highlight all their imperfections and nail holes, sanded just enough to bring out the character, finished with many coats of our special formula stain and topped with a super durable satin polyurethane. It looks like it will bite you, but feels silky smooth like the ears of a big black lab.

Maybe it’s the reclaimed steel legs, salvaged from a junkyard, reworked and finished with a black satin oil finish that catches the light just right to show the super pitted gnarly age of the steel. It looks like the kind of hand oiled cast iron of old farm machinery that all of our “Farmpunk” pieces include.

Or maybe it’s our signature greeble of old typewriter parts and electrical hardware. It could be the end table of H.R. Giger or maybe the Borg.

Whatever it is, it’s clear that this table is different and cool. And by transference, your guests will clearly think the same of you. It’s like magic. How can you not own this table?

Buying it

To purchase this piece, you can contact us in any of the ways listed on our contacts page that suits you. This is a one of a kind item so we can only take the first order. If you want to sneak in there first, you can use the convenient button above to claim this piece NOW using a credit card or PayPal. All transactions are processed securely via PayPal. If you need the item shipped, let’s discuss the options. We can invoice you separately for that once we know the cost.

Getting it

You are welcome to come pick up at the studio, we can deliver, or we can crate and ship. We’ll deliver probably for free in the greater Chico/Northern California area or further for a small fee. We can also crate and ship anywhere in the U.S. (you pay shipping costs).