“Live Edge Runner” Farmpunk Hall Table

“Live Edge Runner” Farmpunk Hall Table

SOLD – $375


An overstuffed love seat, a drafting table, an ottoman, bunk beds. These are all pieces of furniture that won’t fit in your hallway. Oh sure, they’re lovely and functional on their own, but they’re all terrible places to keep your car keys and trust me, you don’t want to have to climb over any of them on your way to the bathroom. And if this is your entry hallway, you have to wonder what your guests are really thinking as they say “Oh my, what a lovely deep freeze… How do we get to the living room?” “Thanks! Oh, we go around through the garage, c’mon follow me.”

Well these embarrassing moments will be a thing of the past when you purchase our “Live Edge Runner” Hall Table. At only 10″ deep, you’ll have room to spare as you slide passed it in your socks, trying to get to the bathroom while they change pitchers in the 8th. And at 41″ long there is plenty of room for pictures, a flower vase and still room keep that little bowl where we always leave the keys right? We leave them IN ‘THE BOWL’. EVERY TIME.

And at the perfect height of 30″ there’s room for a second shelf as well that’s perfect for displaying your vintage iPod collection, which is much cooler to talk to your guests about than frozen burritos. Although, if your foyer is big enough, this table would also go nicely next to a vintage deep freeze full of Otter Pops for your guests. Just sayin’. And the live edge of this shelf doesn’t just give a cool manifest destiny vibe, it also gives the piece its name. So there’s that.

But this hall table isn’t just functional, it’s a stunner. Its top and shelf are made from reclaimed wood salvaged from agricultural field boxes. They’ve had a hard life and it shows beautifully. Every ding and nail hole is highlighted and contrasted by a lustrous satin polyurethane finish. The frame and legs are made from mostly reclaimed steel and finished with black oil. The industrial “greeble” includes wire harnesses, typewriter parts and more to create a unique look we are calling Farmpunk.

As an aesthetic, our ‘Farmpunk’ is similar to steampunk or cyberpunk, but with a focus on the kind of industrial look specific to old farm equipment. Not rusty, but instead oiled and hand painted. Well worn, but relentlessly maintained. The look of something that was hand made on the farm from repurposed material generations ago. It looks functional but it’s original purpose remains mysterious. And just a little bit like maybe great-granddad was an inventor or came from the future or something.

Buying it

To purchase this piece, you can contact us in any of the ways listed on our contacts page that suits you. This is a one of a kind item so we can only take the first order. If you want to sneak in there first, you can use the convenient button above to claim this piece NOW using a credit card or PayPal. All transactions are processed securely via PayPal. If you need the item shipped, let’s discuss the options. We can invoice you separately for that once we know the cost.

Getting it

You are welcome to come pick up at the studio, we can deliver, or we can crate and ship. We’ll deliver probably for free in the greater Chico/Northern California area or further for a small fee. We can also crate and ship anywhere in the U.S. (you pay shipping costs).