“75 Cycles” Farmpunk Coffee Table

“75 Cycles” Farmpunk Coffee Table

FOR SALE – $275


If you’re going to bash your shin on something anyway, it might as well look cool. As painful as coffee tables are, they’re so damned convenient. The inventor was a genius. They sat on the couch one day thinking “I need the dining room table to be right here in front of me to put this laptop and coffee and sandwich and magazine and remote and lego x-wing on. Only shorter so I can see the TV.” Brilliant. Because of this brave pioneer, you can now go to any giant flat pack furniture warehouse and get one, sure.

The problem is that a coffee table is not just functionalal, it’s often the centerpiece of the room. It’s what your guests stare down at awkwardly while they sit on your couch trying to remember what your dog’s name is so they don’t have to ask for a third time. And while they’re staring… they’re judging. At least it feels like they are. But with a table like this, you can relax, knowing that they are probably thinking 1. You have taste, 2. It’s weirdly awesome, and 3. They have no idea where you’d get a table of this magnitude. This is where now you get to turn the tables… so to speak… and judge them. What do they say? 1. “Nothing” – This tells you volumes. I mean really? Do they notice their environment at all? Or are they the type of person who goes with you to a cool restaurant and never mention if their meal is any good or ask you about yours? I mean if this is a dating situation taking place around your new coffee table, you might just want to finish up that cup of coffee and send them on their way. 2. “I saw cool tables at Flat Pack Warehouse. Very clean and modern and new and not weird. They might still have them on sale if you hurry.” – Well at least they have an opinion. Still might want to finish up that coffee though. 3. “Cool table! Where did you get this? What’s this greeble underneath made from?” – Boom. Now you’ve got a connection. You’re welcome. (And hey, don’t forget, patience and humility may be virtues, but so are referrals.)

This coffee table is made from reclaimed wood salvaged from agricultural field boxes. Its had a hard life and it shows beautifully. Every ding and nail hole is highlighted by the finish of tung oil, satin polyurethane and finishing wax. The frame and legs are made from mostly reclaimed steel and finished with black oil. The industrial “greeble” includes wire harnesses, typewriter parts and an antique sewing machine motor form which the piece gets its name. (It says “up to 75 Cycles” on the motor boilerplate so y’know its got to be named something.)

I’m calling this style “Farmpunk”. As an aesthetic, it’s similar to steampunk or cyberpunk, but with a focus on the kind of industrial look specific to old farm equipment. Not rusty, but instead oiled and hand painted. Well worn, but relentlessly maintained. The look of something that was hand made on the farm from repurposed material generations ago. It looks functional but it’s original purpose remains mysterious. And just a little bit like maybe great-granddad was an inventor or came from the future or something.

Buying it

To purchase this piece, you can contact us in any of the ways listed on our contacts page that suits you. This is a one of a kind item so we can only take the first order. If you want to sneak in there first, you can use the convenient button above to claim this piece NOW using a credit card or PayPal. All transactions are processed securely via PayPal. If you need the item shipped, let’s discuss the options. We can invoice you separately for that once we know the cost.

Getting it

You are welcome to come pick up at the studio, we can deliver, or we can crate and ship. We’ll deliver probably for free in the greater Chico/Northern California area or further for a small fee. We can also crate and ship anywhere in the U.S. (you pay shipping costs).