“Tall Guy” Solar Garden Lamp

“Tall Guy” Relics from the Future Garden Lamp

SOLD – $800

For “Tall Guy” we used 8″ or smaller glass plates (instead of our normal 12″ on other lamps) and stacked them high to give a slimmer and taller proportion to the lamp.

Detail showing the smaller 8" plates used in "Tall Guy"

Detail showing the smaller 8″ plates used in “Tall Guy”

This solar powered garden lamp is part of our “Relics from the Future” collection. To us, they look like old lamp posts like you’d find in an antique store… but one that deals in time traveling relics, alien artifacts, and antiques from lost, but technologically advanced, civilizations.

These solar lamps are self contained and require no power and virtually no maintenance. Just find a corner of your yard or garden that could use some height and interest or a little soft light in the evening and set in place. Mounting holes around the base allow easy mounting using concrete anchors, red head bolts, or other methods.

The lamps started with elements collected from our favorite local scrapyards. The lamp posts were picked from a piles of rusted pipe. The deeply rutted rust patina on most of this stuff is authentically aged and beautiful.

The decorative pieces forming the capital and base of each column are made by stacking collected gears, pulleys, valves… or basically anything rusty, round, and cool looking in the scrapyard.

Buying it

To purchase this piece, you can contact us in any of the ways listed on our contacts page that suits you. This is a one of a kind item so we can only take the first order. If you want to sneak in there first, you can use the convenient “Buy Now” button above to claim this piece NOW using a credit card or PayPal. All transactions are processed securely via PayPal. If you need the item shipped, let’s discuss the options. We can invoice you separately for that, once we know the cost.

Getting it

You are welcome to come pick up at the studio, we can deliver or we can crate and ship. We’ll deliver for free in the greater Chico/Northern California area or further for a small fee. We can also crate and ship anywhere in the U.S. (you pay shipping costs).