Heritage Insurance Lobby Art

Commissioned lobby art for Heritage Insurance, Chico CA.

Heritage specializes in Ag related insurance, which is reflected in their existing logo. The office decor has a vintage farm machinery aesthetic that I am trying to capture in the piece. The steel is treated to give an antique and “farm-made” feel, but not rusted, like an old hand-built machine that has been well maintained. To create the lettering I hand plasma cut the letter forms in negative out of a 4’x7′, 3/16″ thick sheet of mild steel. The piece hangs several inches in front of the wall by hand-made barn door style rollers, which I fabricated as well. The piece is back lit by LEDs. Sheets of brass and zinc hanging directly on the wall behind the cut-outs reflect the letter color variation. I was given license to creatively interpret the windmill element in my style. I used salvaged typewriter and adding machine parts to give the machinery feel in miniature without going too Cyberpunk or Steampunk… “Farmpunk?”

Full process photo album is on Flickr: https://flic.kr/s/aHsjYyTkP1