Welcome to Rusty Vine Studio

Rusty Vine Studio works with contractors, businesses, and individuals to create custom pieces using everything from vintage electronics to mosaic tile and steel… some of which is rusty. We also offer ready made art, decor, furnishings and more in our Items For Sale section.



View from the front door to the lobby. They promise to replace the florescent fixture with some nice track lighting :-)

Working with artists on commercial jobs can be a pain. We get that. We deliver the high-quality,

custom element your project needs on time and on budget. From proposal to installation we pride ourselves on effective communication and flexibility to meet the changing needs of your project.


Custom Home

Matching inset for a dining room china hutch.

Rusty Vine Studio works with home owners, builders, and remodeling contractors to provide unique and custom solutions for your home and yard.

We can help you achieve the custom look you want without blowing your budget.

But I Want Cool Stuff NOW

Ready to go art and accessories. We are working hard to fill our virtual shelves with furniture, yard art, robots, hardware, accessories and more. Check out our Items For Sale section. See something you like there, but it’s sold? Request one like it and we’ll see what we can do!

Awesome Is Just Our Mission Statement

Above all Rusty Vine Studio’s mission is to create awesome things for awesome people.
The more awesome the person, the more awesome the thing we create for you. Conversely, the more awesome your piece from Rusty Vine Studio, the more awesome you’ll become. I mean, I don’t know, maybe we should sketch out exactly how this all works, but we’ve got to get back to making awesomeness. Feel free to show yourself around the site for as long as you want and help yourself to anything you have in the fridge. You can snoop through Previous Commissions, see what’s for sale RIGHT NOW or stalk us on the Twitters, Lunchstagram, TheTube, Faceybook and more.